Programs in Reserve

As the community's needs change, the Center for Life Experience programs evolve and are added, changed, or put in reserve for future access according to demand and resources.

If you think you or someone you know would benefit from a reserve program,

please contact us.

Adult Fellowship
One time per month

This program offers opportunities for older adults seeking fellowship and friendships, as well as information about community and life issues.  A home-cooked meal is provided, in addition to social mingling, bonding, and spiritual renewal. 

Alzheimer's Arts and Inspiration Center
One time per month

This program offers respite for the caregivers of individuals with cognitive impairments or memory loss.  Activities center on the fine arts — visual art, drama, music, and storytelling — to stimulate creativity and critical thinking.  

Time Out for Life
One time per week

This program evolved from the “Alzheimer’s Arts and Inspiration Center” and is for any adult who desires to engage in life by maintaining mental and social activities.  Similar to the “Alzheimer’s Arts and Inspiration Center,” “Time Out for Life” offers fine arts projects and a hiatus for caregivers of individuals with cognitive impairments or memory loss.   

Find Your Future
One time per month

This program connects younger and middle-aged adults, who are both coping with loss. 


Together in Service: Teens with Adult Mentors

Pairs adult mentors with teens, who together form teams that work over the summer with non-profit agencies on a variety of volunteer-based projects.  In the first year alone, five teams contributed over 3,000 hours of community-based service.

Women of Valor

A time for reflection and discussion. Lead by Dr. Patricia Levy of Fort Hays State University’s Department of Sociology, this program discusses the multiple roles that take on, exploring personal and familial issues — as well as developing community connections.