Statement of Purpose
The Center for Life Experience, Inc grows and nurtures communities of hope and healing.  CFLE provides a safe space where people can process grief and life struggles in small group settings. It encourages the efforts of individuals of all backgrounds, including children, to heal themselves and support others through its non-denominational, free-of-charge programs.

We provide supportive, open communities where individual life is honored and validated.

We offer participants opportunities to share their own stories or simply listen as they move forward, fueled by hope on their journey of healing

NAMI - Hays

CFLE shares in the leadership and administration of the NAMI Hays Affiliate and is the point of contact for the public for information, referrals and support. CFLE provides the meeting facility and houses the Affiliate’s reference library.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors for the CFLE consists of 7 members who work with the Executive Director of the organization for support and best practices in delivering the variety of programs and community-engaged activities.  Board members serve in rotating classes of two for at least one three-year term.  The board meets once per month to review the ordinary finances and functions of the CFLE, and also to consider issues of the long-term vision for mission.  


2020 Board of Directors: ​

Executive Board

Dawne Leiker - Chair  

Scott Robson – Vice Chair                           

Alan Scheurman - Treasurer

Dr. Vinod Srivastava

Kaley Conner ​

Jolene Niernberger

Ann Leiker, Executive Director (non-voting)

Emily Weigel, secretary (non-voting)


Advisory Board

Neal Younger

Carolyn Younger

Gail Schwindt

Esther Courtney   

Doris Schmidt


Social work consultant - Patricia Levy

Donor Ambassador – Neal Younger


Ann G. Leiker, LBSW, MS  •  Executive Director •

Emily Weigel • Administrative Assistant •

Hunter Marcum • Affiliate Development and Volunteer Specialist: NAMI Hays •



The Center for Life Experience, Inc., originated in 2000 through the generous gift of a member of the Hays First Presbyterian Church.  The initial vision behind CFLE was to build mutually supportive relationships among people with common challenges. Inclusive, ecumenical, and non-duplicative, CFLE was created to provide appropriately responsive action in regard to ever-changing community and societal needs and resources.


From 2000-2010, CFLE’s Advisory Board and full-time Executive Director continually sought information from community members, assessing their changing needs. During this time, extensive research was undertaken to determine the optimal investment of CLFE’s resources. The credibility and support for the mission and vision of the CFLE gained many community partners and saw an increase in the need for peer-to-peer support groups. CFLE has responded with compassion to these increased needs.


Now located in the Hadley Redevelopment Center at 103 C East 27th St., Oak Plaza, Hays, Kansas, CFLE is now a stand-alone 501c3 striving to be responsive to societal changes and cultural values. Its Advisory Board draws upon a strong network of expertise and resources in refining CFLE’s focus to provide hope and healing. As public funding for social services has declined in Kansas over the last few years, sustainability of CFLE as a resource for the people of Hays and western Kansas continues to be a driving force central to its mission.